INKA JUNE 17, 2016

The Morningstar Zen Sangha traveled with Sanchi Reta to Dai Bosatsu Zendo (DBZ) in the Catskill Mountains for the annual Hollow Bones Sesshin, June 11-18, 2016. The sesshin was attended by more than 60 participants and supported by the DBZ residents. (Our time at DBZ was soon followed by the 40th Anniversary dedication of the monastery, celebrating the role that Dai Bosatsu has played in the training of countless individuals and in the extraordinary offering unto Zen Buddhism in this country.)

On Friday, June 17, Sanchi Reta was granted INKA SHOMEI in the time-honored ceremony and declaration offered by Roshi Junpo Denis Kelly. Roshi Sanchi Reta is the 84th Dharma Heir in this thread of Rinzai Zen Lineage. She began her Zen studies at DBZ in the mid 80’s and received full nun ordination from Eido roshi in 1992. “The Dance” with Junpo roshi and Sanchi Reta Roshi will long be remembered by all in attendance and most surely offered a moment of pure delight in the Revelation of Transmission.