As the Boulder Morningstar Zen Center works to create the necessary foundation of our Center offerings, we are most grateful for your donations. This assures the continuance of zazen practice and Dharma offerings that nurture and support our growth for all who come. With pleasure, we announce good news , as of the end of 2013: The Boulder Morningstar Zen Center is now a Public Charity. Thank-you, again, for your on going and past support.

Send your donation and inquiries to: 

Boulder Morningstar Zen Center
PO BOX 294
Boulder, CO. 80306

For your convenience, we also accept online, secure credit card donations. Simply click the Donate button below.


We Look Forward to Hearing from You

Boulder Morningstar Zen Center
Phone: 303 419 8476
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Mail address: PO BOX 294, Boulder, CO. 80306